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Dental Implant In Mumbai

Dental Implant

A prosthetic replacement of your natural tooth’s root portion that is anchored to a pre-drilled socket in the jaw bone to bear a crown, a bridge or a denture firmly in place. This process is employed to replace missing teeth as the implants are long lasting and provide the same function and beauty as the original teeth.

The process is quite lengthy and involves a step-by-step approach.

  • At the first meeting, x-rays, scans and oral conditions are analyzed to the offer best possible choice of implant as per the patient’s affordability.
  • At the second session, treatment plan is estimated and presented to the patient with all its warranties and the time required to finish the process.
  • Patient consent is got and the process of dental implant is carried out.
  • After the final treatment at Dynamic DentoCare patient can walk out under their own power.

Dental implant may sound a complex affair, but when carried out by professionals who have excellent expertise and experience becomes a child’s play for the patients.

Who can carry out dental implants?

Doctors who have specialized in dental implants can do perfect justice to providing safe and lasting dental implants.