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Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Mumbai

surgical wisdomSurgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Surgical wisdom tooth extraction is a dental procedure to remove the permanent adult teeth located at the back corner of the mouth.The need to proceed to extraction may arise when there is not enough room for the tooth to grow or if there is an infection or any other dental problem related to wisdom teeth.

surgical tooth extraction

Sometimes, it needs to be pulled to prevent future problems to other eating teeth.The common reason for wisdom teeth extraction are:

  • Extensive tooth decay.
  • Pain due to fluid-filled sacs, tumor, gum disease.
  • Pain due to fluid-filled sacs, tumor, gum disease.
  • Repeated infection near the lower last tooth.

The common side effects of wisdom tooth extraction are swelling and pain where the tooth is extracted, continuous bleeding for 24 hours, difficulty with jaw opening and slow-healing gums.

Who can do wisdom tooth extraction?

Only a qualified oral surgeon can undertake wisdom tooth extraction. They undergo specialization course that includes anesthesiology and diagnosis and treatment of related injuries and disease to mouth, gums, teeth and neck.