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Tobacco Habit break Counsellor In Mumbai

Tobacco CessationTobacco Cessation

Smoking is a directly related to a lot of health issues in today’s society. Be it heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., smokers are more prone to risks than smokers. Smoking and other tobacco-related products are largely responsible for a lot of our dental issues.

Tobacco Cessation

According to a WHO study, tobacco-related products and smoking is the second largest risk factor for deaths around the world.

  • 50% smoking adults have gum (periodontal) problems.
  • Smokeless tobacco (snuff, chewing tobacco) can cause cheek cancer as well as gum lining and lip cancers.
  • Tobacco products contain particle that is abrasive to teeth.
  • Tobacco products hamper blood supply to gums and cause nerve irritations in gums.

Regular checkup with dentist can educate about ill-effects of tobacco on the general health of teeth and oral hygiene.

Who can carry out tobacco habit break counselling?

All dentist invariable advise people of the pitfalls and dangers that are directly causing many problems to teeth and overall mouth health. It is common knowledge that these products have very adverse effects on our health and particularly our teeth.